Virginia's Workforce Demands

18%      High School Diploma


52%      Associates Degree,                          Certificates, Licenses, etc.

30%     Bachelors Degree and                      Post Graduate

College Graduation
College Graduation

Deborah Pratt, Urbanna
Deborah Pratt, Urbanna

Oyster-shucking champion. Image provided by Cameron Davidson, VTC

Train in Small VA Town
Train in Small VA Town

Image provided by www.virginia.org, Virginia Tourism Corporation

College Graduation
College Graduation

Prosperous Communities


There are various policies, factors and resources that are necessary to create and sustain prosperous communities. Throughout rural Virginia, communities are working together to address the following issues and opportunities:


  • Economic Development and Job Creation

        -  Entrepreneurship and Small Business Development, Creative            Economies, Agricultural Expansion and Traditional Industries—


  • Workforce Development and Education

        -  Education Pipeline includes: Colleges, Universities,                                Community Colleges, Training Programs, Career and                            Technical Education, and K-12 Education, STEM-H Disciplines


  • Infrastructure

        -  Broadband

        -  Energy

        -  Water and Sewer


  • Healthcare

        -  Access and Quality of Care


  • Leadership and Community Capacity

        -  Building the capacity of three interdependent elements --    

           individual leaders, organization and the community as a    


  • Regional Assets and Opportunities


    -  Elements that contribute to a regional identity including                quality of life, tourism opportunities and downtown                       redevelopment