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Natural Resources and Workforce Solutions at the 2019 Governor’s Summit on Rural Prosperity

Workforce and natural resources. Those key topics and ways to grow rural Virginia were among the discussion at the 2019 Governor’s Summit on Rural Prosperity thanks to Joshua Saks, Deputy Secretary of Natural Resources, and Dr. Brian O. Hemphill, Radford President.

Some highlights from their presentations include:

Natural Resources. Clean air. Fresh mountain water. Hunting. Biking. Birding. Caving. Fishing. These are some of the things people love about rural Virginia. These are some of the reasons many people MOVE to rural Virginia. Protecting these natural resources is critical.

Workforce Solutions. Radford offers competency-based education, a new way to learn, which enables students with skills to personalize their education. Competency-based education uses technology that enables students to learn anytime, anywhere, at prices they can afford, offering relevant and verifiable skills for success in work and life.


Hosted by the Virginia Rural Center, the 2019 Governor’s Summit on Rural Prosperity took place Sept. 23-24, 2019 at The Inn at Virginia Tech and Skelton Conference Center and brought together state, business, and civic leaders to explore the future of rural Virginia. In addition to Governor Ralph Northam, other featured speakers included legislators from across the Commonwealth, Secretariats, business owners, educators and economic developers. Attendees came from 59 different counties across the Commonwealth, six different states and DC.

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